Our company business consists of 3 specific trading abilities.
Each of these require a different approach,
but all 3 disciplines are well within our capabilities.


In Taipei and surrounding areas you will find a great many suppliers for industrial applications. When it comes to sourcing we are selective and we look for the products that we are most familiar with or with specific suppliers that are specialized in getting EOL products.

Examples of recent sourcing:

  • small size buzzer for a medical device
  • ultrasonic sensors for automotive and industrial use
  • hard coated foil to prolong the lifetime of resistive touchscreens
  • small speakers for a semi-industrial tablet
  • custom touchscreen with camera; light sensor and microphone
  • open frame photo frames in various sizes
  • solar panel
  • high brightness 7 inch TFT panel with very wide viewing angle
  • plastic housing for a wall outlet size control panel
  • 19 inch rack metal housing for industrial PC system