The first and most common activity is focusing on products that are off-the-shelf and that are sold in relative bulk. The aim is to supply the components and sub-assemblies in the original shipping parcels.


Since a few years customers are no longer designing their application around the standard product, but want to fully integrate the display or embedded solution as a unique look & feel. 


When it comes to sourcing we are selective and we look for the products that we are most familiar with or with specific suppliers that are specialized in getting EOL products.


Real people – Reliable business

Dilumix was founded in 2009 to help a number of customers to receive a steady flow of components and sub-systems. In the past years it has become a well-established company in Taipei, Taiwan that has been trading with customers all over the world.
For many of our partners we are the link between Taiwanese and Chinese suppliers and ROW customers. We fill the void that is needed by regular visits to verify trustworthy suppliers and maintain the relationship.
Besides that we operate in the same spirit, language and time zone as most of our suppliers which makes the cooperation pleasant and smooth.

Doing business with us is easy. We have bank accounts in Euro, US Dollar and Taiwan Dollar so you can choose any of those payments.
Shipping to and from Dilumix couldn’t be easier via a number of well-known forwarders such as UPS, Fedex, DHL and others. For bigger shipments we can offer some bulk forwarders at competitive cost.


Our focus is on electronic components and sub-assembly as well as sourcing for those products that you feel uncomfortable with dealing direct. The product range are LEDs, LCD / TFTs, OLED, touch, embedded systems, industrial computer solutions, power supplies but also cable confection, ultrasonic sensors (e.g. for automotive), internal speakers and we support the supply of small and medium size solar panels.