Our company business consists of 3 specific trading abilities.
Each of these require a different approach, but all 3 disciplines are well within our capabilities.


The number of customized products keeps growing via Dilumix. Since a few years customers are no longer designing their application around the standard product, but want to fully integrate the display or embedded solution as a unique look & feel. Some are quite complex, others are more straight forward.
An enormous advantage of a custom solution is to have a unique interface or piece of intelligence. Another big advantage is that the factory may not change anything without prior authorization. And competitors can’t acquire the same product from the same factory.

For customization we can support your request and find the best supplier in our extensive supplier database. They have the experience to further the design to a mass production ready product with good turn around time.

Mind you that with the custom design suppliers, we often have an NDA-agreement which takes care of the confidentiality of the design at hand.
Below you will find a number of custom design products that can be used as a reference.